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Mad Fables

Timeless Music

Mad Fables came together in the 1970's -- before such labels as "jam band" or "Indie" existed. They self-produced and published their own music (on vinyl) and established a base of friends who enjoyed music and community. They didn't call it "Indie"; they called it "making a recording". This site is dedicated to the wonderful listeners of that era. May they have long lives and make enough money to pay for a free download

Band Members 1976

Photo of Mad Fables on Old Smokey

Clockwise from top: Radtke, Hays, Dugan, Hill, Rheiner

Welcome to the newly revised Mad Fables website. This is the fourth revision of this web site since it's creation. Gone are the blogs, FAQS, and a few of the seldom visited pages. However on the upside, this website now can ve viewed on a smartphone or tablet without squinting your eyes or continually expanding your viewport. Thanks to all the eyeballs who stopped on this site over the past 20 years. May your "cheaters" bring focus to your life.