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Spence and Lauren
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Mad Fables came together in the 1970's -- before such labels as "jam band" or "Indie" existed. They self-produced and published their own music (on vinyl) and established a base of friends who enjoyed music and community. They didn't call it "Indie"; they called it "making a recording";
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This site is dedicated to the courageous listeners of that era. May they have long lives and make enough money to pay for a free download
July 19, 2014

  AND the living is easy... Whoever wrote that did not experience these summertimes...

  The world violence index (wvi) which I just invented, is up twenty percent in the past 6 months. Russia, Israel... shame on you for pumping up this index. Afghanistan, Iraq... well, you're Afghanistan and Iraq, so the wvi "goes with the territory". I don't like to read the paper. Germany finds citizens spying for the U.S. A diplomatic shrug, and "everyone does it" really does not repair the damage. ...more
Also:  Free Songwriting Contests    by Myster Schubert    June 14, 2014
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